Bluetooth Flashlight Speaker

Alfheim Fire Elf is a 5-in-1 multi-functional Bluetooth Flashlight Speaker designed for outdoor activities. Its features include Bluetooth stereo speaker, LED flashlight, power bank, handsfree call answering, waterproof and shockproof design, and alarms - suitable for hiking and biking.

With Bluetooth CSR 4.0 wireless technology and stereo speaker, FIRE ELF allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sound quality anywhere you go. The LED light is made with high-performance diodes from CREE (USA), with bright, super bright, and strobe modes. The 2600mAh capacity power bank allows you to charge your phone or other mobile devices anytime, anywhere. You can also pick up the phone anytime by using the hands-free function. The waterproof and aluminum shockproof design of the FIRE ELF makes it reliable in any environment. Its alarm hot key function is also useful in emergencies. Fire Elf brings and enriches enjoyment during your time outdoors.


  • Aluminum housing designed for shockproofing.
  • Stereo speaker with crystal clear sounds, loud and sweet.
  • Build-in MIC for handsfree call answering.
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0 wireless transmission technique.
  • Power bank function.
  • CREE LED + 3 illumination modes: Bright / Super Bright / Strobe.
    1m (1500 lumens)/ 5m (50 lumens)/ 10m (15 lumens)
  • Emergency alarm hot key.
  • Power save mode. After 6 minutes without Bluetooth connection, power will be switched off.
  • IP66-level protection for dustproofing and waterproofing.
  • Battery can be disassembled.
  • Samsung 18650 Li-battery with 2600mAh capacity.
    Music playing time lasts up to 24 hours;
    Flashlight illumination time lasts up to 10 hours;
    Music + flashlight running together lasts up to 4 hours.
  • Tri-color LED light to indicate battery capacity status.
  • Compatible with PCs, smartphones, or mobile devices with Bluetooth connection support.


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No. Questions Answers

1 Repeating pairing?
Connection is not successful?
Check if FIRE ELF is in Bluetooth pairing state.
Check if there are other Bluetooth peripherals connected to your PC/mobile phone.
Please disconnect other Bluetooth peripherals from your PC/mobile phone.
Repeat FIRE ELF connection steps.

2 Sound is too low? Or distorted? Check and adjust the volume setting from PC/mobile phone.

3 Music with staccato rhythm? Check if FIRE ELF is beyond the effective connection distance;
or if there are obstacles between FIRE ELF and PC/mobile phone;
or if the built-in antenna area is covered;
or if there is no battery power.

4 Bluetooth indicator is not working? Battery low. Please recharge your FIRE ELF.

5 Music “Play” and “Pause” not functioning? Please try to adjust “Play”/”Pause” directly from PC/mobile phone, or shift to another music player.

6 Flashlight is not bright or is weak? Battery low. Please recharge your FIRE ELF.

7 Cannot recharge your FIRE ELF? When charging, LED indicator will be flashing green, orange or red color. If not, please unplug and plug the charging cable again, till the LED indicator start flashing, it is under charging mode. When LED indicates green color and stop flashing, charging is complete.


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The warranty

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What is covered:

  • Parts and labour costs for the repair of a manufacture defect or fault of production, which resulted in the product malfunctioning.
  • Parts and labour costs for the repair of fault of material of the product, which resulted in the product malfunctioning./li>

Specific exclusions:

  • Consumables such as batteries are not covered by the warranty.
  • Accessories such as bike mount and metal carabiner are not covered by the warranty.

General exclusions (what's NOT covered):

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Special Note for Waterproof /Dustproof:

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  • The warranty is not transferable to a third party.


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